May 15-on-15th: Data Migration

When it comes to going cloud with eDiscovery, one of the first challenges that comes to mind is data migration. With the Data Migration Competency, Page One has demonstrated their knowledge of RelativityOne best practices for data migration and has proven customer satisfaction with data migration work. In this webinar, we discuss what makes a qualifiedContinue reading “May 15-on-15th: Data Migration”

The Solution for Short Messages: RSMF in Action

Relativity has created a Viewer experience to help you review and produce short message data similar to a conventional document. Among the many file types you’re able to ingest into your Relativity environment is Relativity Short Message Format. Chats and IMs have become an integral part of regular business operations with more and more conversationsContinue reading “The Solution for Short Messages: RSMF in Action”

Engagement: Building the Highest Personal Quality

On this 15 minute webinar, our hosts discuss how to build the highest level of engagement with your employees. We also share our experiences doing pro bono work through Relativity’s Justice for Change program, and how to live out your company’s core values. View Our Blog Post on Employee Engagement and Our Relativity Fest ExperienceContinue reading “Engagement: Building the Highest Personal Quality”