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Data Migration

Seamless data migration requires a combination of experience and expertise. Our Relativity Certified Migration Experts will accelerate your eDiscovery timeline and put your mind at ease. When you're ready to migrate your data to RelativityOne, PageOne is here to help.

PageOne Relativity Support

+  Priority Customer Support

+  Dedicated Account Team

+  eDiscovery Consultant and eDiscovery Project Manager

+  Workflow Design and Consulting

+  Ongoing Product Training and Support

+  Kickoff call at the beginning of every project

+  High availability, redundancy/backup and DR

+  Backend and network management and tuning

+  Security baked into Azure and RelativityOne

+  ISO 27001 and SOC II certified

+  Microsoft 365 workflow

+  Access to Relativity Certified Administrators 

+  Access to Relativity Experts

Relativity Training

Our highly certified project management team has created several training lessons to help you and your team get the most out of your partnership with us. 


Contact us today for more information or to schedule a training session.

+ Real Estate Tour

+ Using Viewer & Coding Panel

+ Filtering and Basic Searching

+ Search Syntax


+ dtSearch

+ Static vs. Dynamic Searches

+ Structured Analytics

+ Conceptual Analytics

+ Dashboards

+ Matter & Workspace Creation

+ User & Group Creation & Permissions

+ Processing

+ Production

+ Active Learning

RelativityOne Certifications

Our Team's Certifications

The Relativity Certified Training Pro (RCTP) program certifies us in Relativity’s instructor-led training and focuses on adult learning principles, facilitation techniques, and training best practices.

Relativity Master status is given to individuals who have combined their RCA designation with an additional 4 or more concurrent specialist certification. There are less than 130 Relativity Masters in the world. 

To achieve Relativity Expert status, one has to obtain their RCA, plus two additional Relativity specialist certifications.  Experts use their vast Relativity knowledge across many product areas to help with day-to-day work consulting.

A Project Management Specialist organizes the end-to-end solution and configuration for a Relativity project and  leverages the full range of Relativity capabilities in a case workflow, anticipate the needs of the client, and consult on creative solutions to data challenges.

The Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) program ensures that case administrators fully understand Relativity’s capabilities, allowing you to maximize the software’s flexibility and provide an intuitive interface for end users.

The Relativity Processing Specialist exam is designed for highly technical individuals who perform all Processing tasks during a Relativity project and can effectively manage and communicate that process with stakeholders.

The RelativityOne Certified Pro certification helps Relativity Server and RelativityOne users, and others who advocate for RelativityOne inside and outside their organization, verify their proficiency using the product and communicating its advantages.

Relativity Certified Sales Pros are proven authorities in articulating effective use cases for Relativity and RelativityOne. Working with an RCSP, prospective customers gain a comprehensive understanding of how Relativity can help solve their challenges.

The Relativity Analytics Specialist certification
enables us to effectively communicate the value and application of each Relativity analytics feature and consult on conceptual analytics and Active Learning workflows and best practices.