Page One at Relativity Fest 2021: Better Together

“We have the best people.”

It’s a statement that you’ll hear made across almost all industries. Why are we best? Because we have the best people. But what does that mean?  How do you quantify that?  At Page One, we say something more meaningful, “We have the most engaged team.”

Engagement is the foundation of caring. It’s helping your team to take as much pride in their work as possible. Those people with high engagement perform the best and care the most about quality. This past week at Relativity Fest, we were able to discuss one of the ways that we make sure our team is fully engaged, pro bono work.

When Relativity’s Justice for Change program came out, they knew Page One wanted to be a part of it. We had been looking for ways to make an impact through pro bono work for social justice. It was something discussed by our team as being important to them, and we wanted to help fulfill that desire. From the start, Page One has been championing the program.

Page One has taken on more matters than any other participants and plan to continue our strong push into the new year. We have also been banging the drum, trying to get their message out for other companies to join.

COO Andrew Kent Speaks on People, one of the 3 Ps for Social Impact Success in this short clip.

Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Kent, explained at the importance of pro bono work to the Relativity Fest audience, “When people feel that power, that power of making a difference of being important, of being fully engaged, they do the highest quality work possible. We all know the saying ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ It’s empowering our culture.”

Regarding participation in the program, he commented, “The best thing about trying to make the world a better place is that there are infinite possibilities. We’re not afraid of other groups coming in and taking a piece. We welcome them to the table.”

When you hear a company tell you they have the best people, ask them about their employee engagement. Ask for specific ways they ensure their team is participating with the highest level of engagement. That’s how you find the best personal quality of teams.

If you have any questions or want to hear more about our experience with Relativity’s Justice for Change, please reach out to us at

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