Updates in eDiscovery Driven Forensic Collections

Forensic collections meant to support eDiscovery, investigations and for compliance have changed many times over the past years. Once upon a time the most popular and only available data sources for collection were emails and files stored on computers. With the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud based applications and storage, what was once esoteric is now commonplace.

Our Hosts:

Eric Ramos, Senior eDiscovery Consultant

Eric Ramos is a Senior eDiscovery consultant at Page One. Eric has over 23 years of legal experience. He began his career as an IP/Litigation paralegal. There he learned how to manage a matter through its life cycle. He uses this knowledge and experience to provide intelligent, effective, cost efficient solutions services to his clients.

(813) 919-9502 || Eric@PageOneLegal.com || LinkedIn

Richard Rodney, President at iFi, LLC

Richard Rodney is the President and Chief Consultant at iFi, LLC.  Richard is an expert in legal, electronically stored information, forensic technologies, and an expert certified computer forensics examiner. His functions include oversight and personal handling of challenging forensic collections; management of the company’s portfolio of technologies; reviewing and testing new products technologies; and overseeing the discovery and technology training that is continually being undertaken by our staff.

rrodney@ifillc.com || (917) 692-2132 || LinkedIn

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