Page One is a full-service litigation support company with the technology, expertise and resources to help you accomplish your end goals quicker, easier and more cost efficiently

Electronic Discovery

Early Case Assessment

Taking advantage of Early Case Assessment (ECA) tools early in the discovery process is critical. Using search terms, conceptual clustering, and other filtering methods, overall data volumes can be greatly reduced in the initial months of the discovery process.

By leveraging Relativity ECA tools, Page One provides the most cutting edge technology for our clients. Along with experienced consulting and project management teams, overall spend during the discovery phase of litigation can be cut dramatically. Only the richest of content is promoted to a review workspace for data hosting for the duration of the review process.

Advanced Analytics

Our analytics platforms enable users to access email threading, visual concept clustering, transparent concept search, communication analysis, and near-duplicate identification, all within one seamless interface. This collective approach delivers a navigable map of discovery material in a visual interface that is easy to use and understand. Artificial intelligence

Technology Assisted Review

Page One supports various forms of technology assisted review (TAR) workflows. With traditional predictive coding or TAR workflows through Relativity Analytics, Brainspace, or NexLP or active learning workflows through Relativity Analytics and Brainspace, our technology offerings can meet the needs of any case or budget.

Data Processing

Page One bundles output data in any combination of images, extracted text, PDF files, metadata and/or native files, creating a customized load file that enables clients to seamlessly integrate information into review tools, document management systems, or print that information to paper. We will customize our output to meet the requirements of any review system that our client is using for the project.

Relativity Review

While Page One is fully committed to leveraging the gold standard platform, for review, we continue to give our clients options. Our expert consultants can help you determine whether your case is best leveraged in RelativityOne or a more traditional server-based Relativity environment.

Both options give you the ability to setup and define customized folders, datasets and user groups based on subject matter, review groups, hot docs, search results, or production sets. This means that you can invite experts to your review environment on a limited basis, or even share the expense with co-defendants or even opposing counsel without sharing confidential work product.

Data Production

Data production needs can vary widely, from included metadata fields to production formats and varying branding. Page One is equipped to meet any production specifications, whether print or digital, and meets even the tightest deadlines that may seem impossible to others.

Digital Forensics

Custodian Interviews

Understanding what data is relevant and where it is located is vital to any collection. Page One strongly believes that the most expensive collection is one that must be done twice. So, performing a thorough, but targeted collection is key.

Those people that create and store data within an organization are best positioned to understand that data. Accordingly, proper custodian interviews should be conducted for anyone that may have data relevant to a matter. Page One can assist in structuring and/or conducting these interviews.

Remote & Onsite Collection

Page One’s remote collection software preserves or acquires data from multiple custodians at multiple locations. Page One accomplishes remote data collection by deploying a pre-programmed device to each location or by deploying our web-based collection product. Both of our remote options gather the electronically stored data in a forensically sound and defensible manner. These two remote collection options save our clients time and money and allows them to meet that tight deadline, under cost.

While most collections can be completed remotely, we occasionally have a need for on-site collection. Whether it is a large-scale collection, or a client’s needs require on-site collection, Page One can deploy experienced experts to perform collections on location.

Expert Witness Testimony

Occasionally, a need arises for affidavits to be signed, or for appearance at hearings, depositions, or trial for testimony. Page One’s team is experienced with such needs and can assist with whatever needs arise.

Mobile Device Collection

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become part of our everyday life. We recognize the increasing demand to identify, preserve, and collect content from these devices as they relate to litigation request. Depending on the make and model of the device, Page One can defensibly acquire and analyze information such as text messages, call logs, contacts, calendar items, photographs and video files, browser history and other stored files.

Forensic Analysis

Our certified consultants use industry-leading software/hardware to evaluate our client’s data. Page One has a strong commitment to investing in best-in-class technology and the continued training of our staff. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of ESI and maintaining a defensible chain-of-custody. Page One’s workflow mimics law enforcement standards and we enter every engagement with the mind-set that the ESI preserved will be used in a court of law. Forensic Evaluation Services include: affidavits and declarations; court room testimony; independent testimony on computer related issues; verify the findings of other computer forensic experts; recovery of deleted files and file fragments; assistance with internal employee investigations; preservation and collection of data from social networking sites.

Information Governance Consulting

Page One is experienced with the entirety of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM). We understand that actions taken with the management of data has large implications on discovery down the road. Accordingly, we have experienced consultants that can assist with data retention policies, litigation hold processes, and a variety of other methods. We can assist with establishing workflows in order to keep your business moving and reducing the overall cost of discovery in future matters.

Litigation support and printing services

High-Volume Paper & Reprographic Services

  • High speed scanning, printing, and copying services.
  • Digital formatting and file editing.
  • Bates labeling and digital branding/endorsing.
  • File type conversion and processing.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Logical Unitization, Logical Document Determination (LDD) and Coding for eDiscovery.
  • Brief creation and binding for court filings.
  • Custom cover, index, and tab creation.
  • Black & White and color printing available.

Mailout Fulfillment Services

We prepare and print document and letters, print address/return labels, fold, stuff, seal, address, and apply postage according to our client’s needs.

CD, DVD, Flash Drive, & Hard Drive Duplication and Creation

We offer high-speed, accurate file transfer and storage options.

Page for Page Quality Control

We follow a strict set of measures to assure the quality and correctness of every job performed.

Binding & Finishing Services

  • 3-Ring Binders – Our binders have locking D-rings, clearview front and spine display windows, and available in sizes from ½ inch to 5 inch.
  • Coil Binding – Plastic, spiral binding that resembles a long spring.
  • GBC Binding – Plastic, comb binding for securing documents up 2 inches in thickness.
  • Acco Binding – 2-prong metal fastener for top or side binding.
  • Saddle Stitch – Papers are folded, gathered, and then stapled at the crease to create a booklet.

Large Format Scanning and Printing

Large Format projects include:

  • Blueprints
  • Surveys
  • Maps
  • Trial and Display Boards
  • Posters
  • Photos

Paper options range from 24 lb Bond to High Quality Photographic Paper. 

We also offer various mounting options including foam core and gator board.

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