Page One is a Nashville-based, national eDiscovery and litigation support provider founded in 2006. We are known for our commitment to continually improving our services, providing first-rate data security, and always delivering the highest quality of work to our clients.


Using a combination of our cutting edge technology, our proven workflows, as well as our wealth of experience we improve both the efficiency and the quality of our clients’ work.  We help them do more for less. We are situated in the eDiscovery and litigation support field where we work with law firms and corporations to address their discovery and litigation needs.

Our Core Values

Committed to Client Success

We are committed to being accessible to you, earning your trust and delivering outstanding service every time.
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Continually Learning​

While we are constantly challenging ourselves to become even better industry experts, we also have a commitment to providing learning opportunities to others.

Caring About Our Communities & Team​

We are based in Nashville, TN, and this community is very important to the Page One family. We strive to support local business and plan community outreach events every quarter.

We are a RelativityOne Certified Partner

Why choose page one

Relationship first

We offer personalized services & direct communication with your account & project managers.


We provide a consultative approach, educational tools, & learning opportunities.


We offer the top eDiscovery software programs without a premium between them.


We have 15 years of eDiscovery and litigation industry experience.

Relativity Training

Our highly certified project management team has created several training lessons to help you and your team get the most out of your partnership with us. 


Contact us today for more information or to schedule a training session.

  • Real Estate Tour
  • Using Viewer & Coding Panel
  • Filtering & Basic Searching
  • Search Syntax
  • STR
  • dtSearch
  • Static vs. Dynamic Searches
  •  Structured Analytics
  • Conceptual Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Matter & Workspace Creation
  • User & Group Creation & Permissions
  • Processing
  • Production
  • Active Learning