About Us

About Us

Page One is a Nashville-based, national eDiscovery and litigation support provider founded in 2006. We are known for our commitment to continually improving our services, providing first-rate data security, and always delivering the highest quality of work to our clients.


Using a combination of our cutting edge technology, our proven workflows, as well as our wealth of experience we improve both the efficiency and the quality of our clients’ work.  We help them do more for less. We are situated in the eDiscovery and litigation support field where we work with law firms and corporations to address their discovery and litigation needs.


Our eDiscovery department offers digital forensic collections, online database hosting, technology assisted review, and advanced data analytics. Our litigation support center offers several print services to accommodate any document needs.

Relationships first

We offer personalized services & direct communication with your account & project managers.


We provide a consultative approach, educational tools, & learning opportunities.


We offer the top eDiscovery software programs without a premium between them.


We have over 15 years of eDiscovery and litigation industry experience.


The Relativity Certified Training Pro (RCTP) program certifies us in Relativity’s instructor-led training and focuses on adult learning principles, facilitation techniques, and training best practices.

Relativity Master status is given to individuals who have combined their RCA designation with an additional 4 or more concurrent specialist certification. There are less than 130 Relativity Masters in the world. 

To achieve Relativity Expert status, one has to obtain their RCA, plus two additional Relativity specialist certifications.  Experts use their vast Relativity knowledge across many product areas to help with day-to-day work consulting.

A Project Management Specialist organizes the end-to-end solution and configuration for a Relativity project and  leverages the full range of Relativity capabilities in a case workflow, anticipate the needs of the client, and consult on creative solutions to data challenges.

The Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) program ensures that case administrators fully understand Relativity’s capabilities, allowing you to maximize the software’s flexibility and provide an intuitive interface for end users.

The Relativity Processing Specialist exam is designed for highly technical individuals who perform all Processing tasks during a Relativity project and can effectively manage and communicate that process with stakeholders.

The RelativityOne Certified Pro certification helps Relativity Server and RelativityOne users, and others who advocate for RelativityOne inside and outside their organization, verify their proficiency using the product and communicating its advantages.

Relativity Certified Sales Pros are proven authorities in articulating effective use cases for Relativity and RelativityOne. Working with an RCSP, prospective customers gain a comprehensive understanding of how Relativity can help solve their challenges.

The Relativity Analytics Specialist certification
enables us to effectively communicate the value and application of each Relativity analytics feature and consult on conceptual analytics and Active Learning workflows and best practices.

For more information and to see our additional certifications, check our our Relativity Partner Page here


It’s rare to find a partner that under-promises and over-delivers, but that’s what we got from Jonathan Moody and the team at Page One. Not only did they listen to our needs and budget at the front end, but our client was happy to pay a bill that came in under budget. The collaborative focus helped us to serve our client well, and resulted in an incredibly efficient result. I would gladly recommend them to anyone needing help with discovery needs, regardless of experience levels.
Chief Strategy Partner
Healthcare Law Firm
Page One is what we all look for in a vendor: realistic and honest. When the support team gets a request of any sort, they respond and explain exactly what they find and provide a solution or solutions that could work depending on what we need at the time. That is key for us: flexibility and a willingness to adjust as needed. They are transparent every step of the way and can outline every type of search we’ve ever needed. Page One is an excellent provider of eDiscovery services and has always gone above and beyond (at all hours of the day) for all our requests.
Waller, LLP
The Page One team and tools are top of the line. I feel like their tools and services could produce my documents, make me coffee, and raise my kids.
AM Law 50 Firm
The entire Page One team, and Rip Clayton in particular, have been a key partner in a high profile and highly sensitive military justice matter on which our Firm serves as pro bono counsel. Page One’s online review product is a robust tool that, along with its responsive tech support, has greatly facilitated our trial preparation. Without question, we would be at a strategic disadvantage without Page One’s assistance.
Akerman, LLC
Every vendor out there will promise you the world but the proof is in the customer service and the commitment to excellence on every single project, no matter how small or large it may be. Rip Clayton and his team take the time to get to know their clients, and they are knowledgeable and flexible enough to design workflows that fit into their clients’ workflows, not the other way around. They listen to their clients’ needs, and they do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Page One allows our Lit Support team to function as project managers and perform almost all the case-related work ourselves, or they will step in when needed to handle a matter either from start to finish or as the matter dictates. We like that flexibility and we enjoy the relationship that we’ve had with Page One over the past couple of years.
Litigation Support Project Coordinator
Parker Poe
Our team evaluated and completed a comprehensive analysis of several products and vendors over the last year. Page One, LLC provided our firm with an industry leading review platform, the ability to customize and administratively control many functions in the review product, along with excellent customer service and cost savings to our clients.
Litigation Support Manager
Burr & Forman
We were hit with a production of hundreds of thousands of pages with the goal of finding a single document. Page One quickly loaded the production for us so we could get a start on our search with only days before a critical stage in litigation. During Page One’s training session for us, we were blown away when [Page One’s team] was able to identify the key document for us. While we had still work left to do within Relativity, the work was far easier thanks to the training and expertise of the team at Page One.
Complex Litigation Case

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