Join Our Team.

At Page One, we see our employees as our most valuable assets. By investing in our people, we are investing in our company’s future.

We are a unique and growing team with our biggest opportunities ahead of us.

Our Core Values

Our core values define Page One’s culture and who we are as a company and individual team members. These values guide us through all interactions and challenges we face. We honor our core values in everything we do in order to build a cohesive and trusting workplace.

Committed to Customer Success

Does what’s needed to get it right.
Always believes in Page One, and “I can win.”
Brings at least one solution to every problem.
Willingness to adapt to client’s needs.

Caring About Our Community and Team

Cares about self and organizational reputation.
Cares about our company’s impact.
Respectful & prompt communication.
Passionate about their work.
Complies with company’s policies.

Continually Learning

Takes initiative.
Willing to learn.
Figures it out.
Embraces evolution in change.
Always improving.
Passionate about education.

Constantly Dependable

Produces quality and accurate work.
Does their best and succeeds.
Holds themselves & others accountable.
Professional and Punctual.

We’ve been together as a company for fifteen years. One of the things we’ve realized during that time is that some of the best ideas come from within. That’s why it’s so important for us to make sure every team member’s voice is heard. This makes open and clear communication foundational to our leadership concept.  

Every person on the Page One team is an important member whose ideas and contributions are highly valued and appreciated.