The Solution for Short Messages: RSMF in Action

Relativity has created a Viewer experience to help you review and produce short message data similar to a conventional document. Among the many file types you’re able to ingest into your Relativity environment is Relativity Short Message Format.

Chats and IMs have become an integral part of regular business operations with more and more conversations moving to these platforms and formats. Messages in this format have become shorter—and, as a result, are more dependent on the surrounding context to make sense. 

By leveraging RSMF in RelativityOne, users can see the richness of communication and collaboration data, enabling better use of artificial intelligence to get results more quickly and reduce false positives. 

Our Hosts:

Josh Witty

Senior eDiscovery Project Manager
(615) 299-7866

McKenzie Phillips

eDiscovery Consultant
(615) 423-8987

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