Relativity Stellar Women in eDiscovery Podcast features Reade Heredia

Stellar Women: Leading a Male-Dominated Team & Squashing Imposter Syndrome with Reade Heredia, Page One Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Relativity‘s Stellar Women Podcast celebrates female leaders making their mark in technology. These women share their stories and practical tips to inspire emerging leaders, build a supportive community of allies, and promote gender equity and empowerment.

Reade Heredia joins the Stellar Women in eDiscovery team to discuss her tips for handling the all too human feeling of imposter syndrome and how she leads a predominantly male team. You can check out her discussion at the link below!

“For Stellar Women, Mila and I had the great privilege of sitting down with Reade Heredia. Reade shares her techniques for success as a leader, including gathering feedback from her team in addition to praising in public and coaching in private.

When it comes to imposter syndrome, Reade quoted Maya Angelou and said: “When you know better, you do better.” The best way for Reade to overcome any feelings of self-doubt is through preparation. She prepares for any upcoming obligation and encourages her team to do the same.”

Read the transcript and the rest of Relativity’s blog post on this podcast episode here.

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