COVID-19: Emergency Response

At Page One, we view our role as that of a trusted partner.

One of the main tenets of being a partner is being proactive to client needs instead of only reactive to their requests. It’s making sure that we are prepared for whatever may come our way. It’s making sure that clients won’t ever need to worry if we are there for them.

Even as Nashville picks itself up from the recent tornado, we have been preparing for the increasing spread of the COVID-19. In doing so we have kept a laser-focus on protecting our clients’ litigation needs as well as the health of both our team and of our community.

In monitoring the global and local public health authorities, including the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we have gained insight into how to handle the situation.

We look to our core beliefs to guide us in our implementation – Driven, Positive, Committed, Professional.

  • We are following our data integrity and accessibility protocols to make sure our eDiscovery services are unaffected.
  • We have eliminated travel that is not mission critical.
  • We have been canceling in person meetings, while pushing remote access demos.
  • We have been providing ongoing updates to the team regarding cleanliness standards.
  • We immediately acquired the necessary cleaning products to halt the spread of the virus.
  • We have been working with our teams to make sure that any team member that may be showing signs of illness, even not associated with COVID-19, is able to stay home.

Beyond all of the hand washing, disinfecting, and the social distancing, there is something far more important at play. We believe in the resiliency of the human spirit. As a people, the virus may try to knock us down, but we will always persevere.

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