15-on-15th Webinar Series

Our commitment to learning and offering free educational tools to our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We believe that experience and education are the keys to success in litigation. 

We created the 15 On The 15th webinar series to offer our clients a free educational tool to improve their eDiscovery knowledge and skills.

RelativityOne Translate

Page One’s VP of eDiscovery, Andrew Milauskas discusses RelativityOne Translate, a safe and easy to use application built inside RelativityOne that translates documents with many languages into one language. AI technology is used to detect the languages in each document, keeping all data inside the RelativityOne ecosystem.

2021 Year in Review

We compiled this recap to highlight some of the features we’ve been providing this last year including our 15N15 webinar series, Andrew Kent speaking at Relativity Fest, Reade Heredia featured on Relativity’s Stellar Women in eDiscovery podcast, and several others.

Data Migration: Options and Important Considerations

When it comes to going cloud with eDiscovery, one of the first challenges that comes to mind is data migration. In this webinar, we discuss what makes a qualified data migration partner, considerations to make for your migration, and available options for migrating your data.

The Solution for Short Messages: RSMF in Action

Relativity has created a Viewer experience to help you review and produce short message data similar to a conventional document. Among the many file types you’re able to ingest into your Relativity environment is Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF).

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Engagement: Building the Highest Personal Quality

Since Page One was featured in the Relativity Fest 2021 session, “Better Together: Our 3 Ps for Social Impact Success,” we decided to delve deeper into the topic. We discuss engagement levels in further details, and how pro bono helps foster engagement within our company.

Solve Complex Enterprise Challenges with Relativity Legal Hold

Looking to preserve your most critical data with one defensible, repeatable process in the cloud? Relativity Legal Hold is the easiest, most flexible way to handle legal holds. You can also use Legal Hold to solve business challenges inside and outside the legal world such as issue questionnaires, tracking audit trails, and much more.

Streamline Your Case Setup with Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows is a Relativity application that lets users automate tasks in workspaces that previously required manual actions to complete. With Automated Workflows, users specify a trigger that determines the conditions under which the automation begins as well as whether to run the automation automatically or manually.

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Expedite Your Review with Active Learning

Active Learning is a technology assisted review tool that helps you quickly organize your data and predict which documents are most likely to be relevant to reviewers. Our active learning workflow in RelativityOne continuously learns what is important to your matter to quickly get to the heart of it.

Boost Your Redaction Workflows with RelativityOne Redact

With RelativityOne Redact, automated redaction capabilities are now at your fingertips at no additional cost. Apply location-based, term-based, or complex (RegEx, rules, etc.) image and native redactions over millions of pages.

Simplify Building Your Case Strategy with Case Dynamics

Your case is more than the sum of its documents. Case Dynamics is a RelativityOne application that enables you to craft your case strategy and review key evidence in one place. Identify key players, plot the facts along a timeline, and connect what people said to the data they left behind.

Updates in eDiscovery Driven Forensics

Forensic collections meant to support eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance have changed many times over the past years. Once upon a time the most popular and only available data sources for collection were emails and files stored on computers. With the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud based applications and storage, what was once esoteric is now commonplace.

Meet & Confer: Planning for Success

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f) requires parties to meet and agree on a discovery plan before sending the plan to the court. We discuss best practices for preparing and executing the meet and confer.

Litigator’s Lunch with Judge Andrew Peck

Judge Andrew Peck speaks about Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) – limitations on waivers of attorney client and work product waivers in civil litigation. You’ll want to tune in to find what he describes as being “akin to malpractice.”

Using Your Physical Data in eDiscovery

As the remote workforce is growing, having your physical documents and files in a secure online platform is more important than ever. We discuss the benefits and what the process of digitizing your files looks like.

internet screen security protection


Adam Bell, president of Sublime Computer Services, joins us to discuss effective ways to enhance your cybersecurity and several methods to better protect yourself and your data.

Relativity Collect

Collect is an easy-to-use application for collecting your custodian’s Microsoft 365 email and documents. We’ll teach you how to use the application and the benefits. We also include an in-platform demonstration.

Email Threading

Relativity Analytics Email Threading greatly reduces the time and complexity of reviewing emails by gathering all forwards, replies, and reply-all messages together. We discuss how email threading can help you along with several workflows in RelativityOne.

Managing Your Review with Batching & Dashboards

Batching can bring structure to managing a large-scale document review with multiple reviewers. Using dashboards to their fullest capabilities can simplify your review and make managing your review team much easier. 

Social Media in eDiscovery

Social media has the potential to provide key information in litigation. We review what can be captured from social media and how it affects eDiscovery. This is followed by a demonstration of some of our workflows for handling this data.


Learn about how Page One is using the #1 redaction tool to streamline your review process and reduce the time and cost associated with it. In this 15N15 webinar, we will teach you about Blackout: the most comprehensive tool used to to redact information within Relativity.

Utilizing Relativity for Cell Phone Data Review

In this 15N15 webinar, we show how using cell phone data can improve your review. We also cover short messaging format in Relativity LegalView.


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